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Systematic personal asset customization engine

Personalize and improve any index or ETF to meet
your client’s needs.

A custom indexing solution

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90+ years combined experience
building indexes


The team at New Age Alpha has been the index building experts for decades
and have a proven track record working with some of the
largest financial institutions.

*Represents current partnerships. Click link for more information

Merrill Lynch Guggenheim Societe Generale Morgan Stanley UBS
Barclays JPMorgan Dow Jones Citi

A custom indexing solution

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Capabilities Existing Indexing
Built by index experts with over 90 years of combined index experience SPACE SPACE
Build a custom equity index SPACE SPACE
Build a custom alpha index by avoiding the losers SPACE SPACE
Build a custom fixed income index SPACE SPACE
Personalize an ETF's holdings to suit your financial goals SPACE SPACE
Invest directly in tax optimized strategies SPACE SPACE
Invest in over 150 prebuilt alpha indexes and strategies SPACE SPACE
User interface designed for professional and retail investors SPACE SPACE
Strong integration between firm’s internal teams1 SPACE SPACE
Company, sector, and ESG filtering tools SPACE SPACE
Tax efficiency/awareness portfolio optimization tools SPACE SPACE
Beta tilts and factor exposure SPACE SPACE
Client portal for sales proposals and reporting2 SPACE SPACE
Fully customizable platform to accommodate firm specific needs SPACE SPACE
Connectivity to custodians and broker dealers SPACE SPACE
1research, portfolio management, compliance, and advisory functions 2Using firm’s internal compliance procedures
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Build your business

Tell a client something new

Clients are tired of hearing about commoditized investment solutions. Whether it’s an existing client or new prospect, offer a brand-new investment story with customized and individualized solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. Use technology to talk to a whole new generation of clients.

An Indexing Solution

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SPACE provides investors with tools to build any equity, fixed income or alpha index.

Unlike other indexing solutions, SPACE provides proprietary features to further enhance the customization process.

  • Build an alpha index
  • Construct a fixed income index
  • Improve an ETF

A Firmwide Solution

Whether you are a financial advisor looking to build your practice or a portfolio manager looking to create unique investment strategies for your firm, SPACE is a solution for you.

SPACE provides investors with individualized, bespoke investment portfolios.

Financial Advisors

Build your business – attract new clients and retain existing

Portfolio Managers

Build better portfolios – Control risk and exposure


Invest in tax optimized transparent portfolios

Unparalleled Customer Service

You can talk to us like you are sitting in our office.

Use our index expertise to help validate your investment strategy and build prebuilt index
solutions that are unique to your firm.


555 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Suite A101 Rye, New York 10580

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